Thursday, May 25, 2017

Music Video Final

P3T5 Stressed Out from Kapaa Middle School MEDIA on Vimeo.

For my movie trailer, I'm working with Chelsea Schneider, Lucas Freitas-Diaz, and Richard Cabalona. The song we chose for our project is Stressed Out by Twenty One Pilots. We chose that song because all of us were familiar with it and liked it. To chose our song we made a list of songs. After we made the list we chose which songs we liked and knew and came upon an agreement.

For our storyline for Stressed Out by Twenty One Pilots, we wanted to make a personal connection with the lyrics.  So we made the lyrics connect with the students in our school. for example, when we get lots of homework, we get stressed out. This story is mainly about a group of kids that get lots of homework and begin to stress out. When they stress out they wish to be kids again and have flash backs to when they use to play and not worry about school.

Each person in our team has faced a challenge. I work on the band poster and the challenges I faced mostly had to do with the pictures I choose to edit and there was a problem with the back round that had to be done. Since I didn't have much time I took a screen shot from one of our videos (turf) and added curves to change the texture and color. When I added the curves it had changed the look a lot to where you couldn't tell it was grass.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Movie Trailer Premier

P3T4_In Too Deep from Kapaa Middle School MEDIA on Vimeo.

 In our movie trailer we all have our ways to contribute to the team. We have two people working on the script and on the trailer summery. Since we have four people in our group and two of them are working on scripts and on the summery, our other team member had to work on the techniques video. My part was the poster, and we all helped a little with the storyline. We are having complications with some things but with our team work we sure will be able to fix it.

Our biggest challenge is finding the time to make a movie trailer. When we were making the movie trailer it was complicated to find a day and time all of us were able come. Even though it was complicated, we still had a team meet and we recorded all we need in two hardworking days. I think its a huge success that we all used communication and we all are focused on our part. Our goal to have a huge success is to finish on time and get a good score on all of it.

 Looking at the critique results, my team and I were proud of how far we have come to be able to get a 3. I must admit a 3 might of not been our goal (4) but were still happy we got a good grade. Throughout this project we all used communication and we split up so there is less work for all of us. I learned that if you nave a team and there is more than one task, you can split up so the work can be done faster and use each others opinion to help. I really enjoyed this project and i'm glade we got a good grade and if there is a next time I do this again I will always have room for improvement.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Metamorphosis Animation

P3T1 Metamorphosis from Kapaa Middle School MEDIA on Vimeo.

Our Project goal is to create a really good, and non boring presentation. A course were shooting for a high/good score for our grade on this project. The animation we plan to use is stop motion, stage, figure and more that we need to talk about. Our Ideas so far were: A wolf stays independent and A Pig learns his lessen.

Our focus statement for our animation is to create a animation that isn't boring and entertains the reader. In our first scene the pig is rolling in mud complaining to her chicken friend, wishing all her responsibilities would just go away. The pig decides to run away to a field filled with flowers, where she lays down and where she wanted to start a new life. When she is walking in the field she hears buzzing then gets surrounded by bee's. She then turns into a bee and finds a other bee that tells her to follow her. That's when she meets the queen bee, that gives her jobs to do, while she does the job she thinks of how much harder the bee's work than pigs.
The bee (pig) gets rewarded with honey from the hive.

Throughout this project my team faced some communication issues and we all worked really hard with the problem and fixed it. In our animation we used two techniques clay-mation and the white board tactic, even though they were two different tactics, they blended well. It surprised us when we got a good score on our  animation and even more when we made it into the top 5. After the scores were submitted we were proud of our animation.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Geometric Portraits

Facial expressions are universal, but only some certain looks. The mains are happy, sad, mad, disgust, fear, and surprised. We can sometimes detect someones emotional state by looking at there face but not all the time. Sometimes it can be hard to see if someone is happy or sad because they could be crying from laughter but other times it might be just cause there sad.

 I created this project step by step because it makes a better understanding on what to do. If I just took one huge step it would be a rush job and it would make a harder understanding on what to do or how I'm supposed to do it. Each step has a set of directions and it adds not as much stress as just one step to get it done because then to much would be going on to understand, with even more stress that makes your work not as good as you want it to be.

The easy way is the step by step way so you know what your doing. It makes it easier if you watch someone else's steps so you at lease understand what your going to be doing. The custom way may be confusing but it would turn out good as well as the easy way. Both will turn out great if you do everything right. One of the most important rule (to me) is, it doesn't have to be perfect what matters is if you like it or not.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Verbal Landscapes

I grew up in the woods by a lake. Then I moved to Kauai and I went to a privet school, and one of the classes was called deep nature, it's where we learn about nature. My favorite thing about deep nature was that the teachers trusted us to go into the woods by our self's. The class was about surviving, when we didn't go into the woods I had my favorite tree to go to. It was a big tree with roots that went out of the ground, the tree over looked the school and some of the forest. Every time when the teacher says we can go I would always run to the tree and climb it to the top and not come down for the entire class, When there was drama or I was sad or mad or guilty I would stay in the tree and look at every thing in view. Every day I wish I had a tree just like it in our yard that would be my dream.

Time lapses are created by taking a long clip and reducing its speed, by making it faster. Time Lapses angle is sometimes one third sky and the rest ground. Slow-Mo's are created by making a small clip (sec) and making it slower. Slow-Mo's should have a close up view of the thing your trying to get a picture of. Slow mo's are great for catching fast movement as time lapse's are good for getting an wide angle view of a land scape or something that changes over time.

The hardest part of this project, would be taking slow mo's and time lapse's because you had to find the time just to take a few. There are tons of things I need to focus on at home, and the video's just add to my stress. My favorite part of this project was to watch every ones time lapse's and to see what they came up with. I didn't really in-joy the poem thing to, because I'm not a big fan of writing poetry, so I guess the project was pretty hard, at lease for me.

 Reflection: 5 sen

I agree that I could have worked harder on my critic, and I should have asked for help when my ear phones were not working. I mixed the music with my poem, so the music was louder than expected. I tried my best for the critic and now I know the mistakes I should have fixed while I had the time. My critic needed to be more approved, and if I get a chance to approve it, I would. This project was hard, and I know it's not just me thinking that, but it was also fun. I really in joyed seeing how my video's turned out, and how they mix together very well.

Retime results:

Friday, September 2, 2016

Poetic Personal Statement

I: Explain what you think poetry is & what it’s used for

A poem is words put into small phrases, it can describe a feeling or motion. Poems can also rhyme, there are poems about seasons and other things. Poems are not huge paragraphs, it can be a few lines or more it all depends on what you want to do. Poetry can describe how you feel about something or someone. Some people write poems about things in their life and how they feel about them. There are life poems that can tell an important message about something in the world they feel strong about.

B: Write a poetic statement including personal goals
                                           There's a light in me that always shines 
as the dark quickly dies
 I'll always do the right thing 
if i don't there something wrong with me
All i need is friend to stand with me
   If they don't the darkness will burn in side of me

C: Describe how & why you used rhythm or rhyme

 When you rhyme in a poem, it makes the poem more interesting.  Some poems are changed into songs so they require some rhythm to make a good back ground noise that can sometimes describe the poems mood and message it's carrying. Poems tend to pull attention from the crowd when there is rhyme and rhythm included in the poem.

Required Images: SS Text & BG, LastF_Poetic.jpg